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An old Player's rant

Hey guys, I know you have read this kind of thing probably 257917535 times just in the last 2 days. Yet I feel I can't get over this by just not saying something, this may cos some backlash at me and downvotes with no end by white Knight's of gearbox and I rly love borderlands as a franchise as a whole it just makes me sad to see this reapeting cycle of shit storm and attacked playerbase over all these things that GB does.
Let me give u a little tale about my life with borderlands. The first game hit me when I was like 13 and I know " omg u were way to young and blablabla " that doesn't matter for this little tale. I was in love with the game I played with 2 seniors from my school a played as Lilith, with my ferari siren meelee build I ran faster than my friends drove in a car , with sledges shotgun I fired my friends across the map to certain checkpoints to skip areas and we broke the game in so many manners it was rediculus but that's were the fun was to us reign supreme over everything the game threw at us. I had a pistol basically the "ancestor" of an infinity pistol having shock dmg and infinite ammo with no ammo consumption ( what was funny cos this was just a rly rare way of the parts merging lucky on this purple or blue red text pistol) BL 1 was rather short-lived with us tho as the friendship grew out with them leaving my school and so was my fun in the game. But what made this experience gr8 was it's cluncy and weird things that made it so unique.
When BL 2 hit the world I was anxious as I always had this feeling of rememberence of those feelings I had when bl1 died for me but I just said fck it and went for it. And this game was such a masterpiece it was rediculus, Handsome Jack was the best antagonist I have had in a game for a long time, no time or world ending entety or evil mastermind that reigned over the world by what ever. Just this rather relatable, charismatic company leader that went on a road in direction of insanity. His whole personality reeked of died ideals , of a died sense of humanity he felt like a hero, who lost what he was fighting for and went on a revenge trip against the world. He played you like a fiddle, he was just a gr8 evil dude and playing against him and his plans was always fun. The story alone felt like a wonderful thing to play. But after ... That's where bl2 went from a good game to a masterpiece. Of course grinding and farming was just as tireing as it may sometimes be and bunkers drops where a bitch ( quite literally) but the real fun in bl2 was breaking the game to points it was so rediculus that being the god u were felt earned and good. Now imagine they just went I need everything the player base plays cos diversity. Salvador went to an unkillable healthgater with a grog nozzle giving like 20 % of dealt dmg to yourself and a double penetrating unkempt Harold and a bee shield or let alone the fact alone that having both weapons effects active for both waepon hands giving Salvador rediculus hands to play.
Zeros bore ability making multiple raidbosses a calculated 1 shot (or the bunker ;) ) obliterating things with a midway keystone ability alone
And those are just 2 "abilities" that I mentioned Now let's talk weapons norfleet sight wide anniliation with 1 -3 rockets to decimate mobs like it was my fcking job
Bee shield and multi projectile weapons ( I know this got "rebalancey" for some weapons like the conference call but this was a rare occasion and it was to a degree shit didn't do shit anymore ). But let's talk sandhawk the most broken smg I ever had seen by a far margin with this shiled, the fibber or the DP unkempt Harold if all this were nerfed and taken from us this game would have lost so much from what made it the experience it was
The sham shield with a ( Bis) 94% absorbing rate like guys rly 94% , when getting dmg the delay wasn't that big and absorb did not reset delay have u ever had a best in slot one ? This thing was so rediculus when standing between 15 op8 mardours and get no dmg for 5 minutes if rng rolled good. Imagine farming 400 hours for this particular thing just to have it's rate reduced 60%ish yah still strong but nothing I would give 400hours of farming for and I would instantly dropped the game if they nerfed it
And the beauty of it was that they knew it was PVE so it did not matter to them if things were broken if u enjoyed that broken build u played it if not there were 20 other different broken gears to play with
Sure pimpernel , sandhawk , fibber were godly on bore zero still DPUH , conference call , lyuda and many more that were rediculus and fun to use.
Let's be real here for a moment I love it when u invest time and work in your build that you get to a point u trivialize content cos u worked for it to be that way. I understand nerfs to flaks gurilla in mist it was ok to do it I enjoyed 10 sekonds of op but 5 are still ok . But I rly miss what bl2 gave me in this manner of just feeling super mighty by farming and farming and farming.
Now we have bl3 , having an antagonist that good in it's prequel it's a matter of fact that u can't go with the same type of personality so the new take was ok for me , they seemed like kids and acted that way a childish rampage of hatred and revenge . Yes no Handsome Jack bust still ok. Ava... Let's not talk about Ava ^ but all in all the story wasn't bad and the game was enjoyable. The gaming mechanics are wonderful it's so much more fluid and faster way less cluncy in terms of game play but the devs just force the way they want us to play or not to play that it feels like I loose the control of my gaming experience. If I enjoy a weapon because it's strong or fits my build and than the dev decide to nerd it and make it unplayable like the sandhawk it's utter shit now not even worth my inventory space anymore.
Instead of killing what sparks joy , they should focus on bringing other equipment on a level it's usable too
I would love playing my nighthawking again , a Maggy or other guns that are utter shit due to "bulletsponfing" enemies and making the game more difficult by making enemies tankier . It can't be a thing to have 1 purple guy sponging through 700 ammo of my smgs just to be followed by 2 others .
I want to have fun playing and not just skip entire areas just because of a shitty spawn.
This were my 2 cents about the game :) hope u enjoyed my opinion on it and feel free to talk you opinion to me and the others, would be cool to see how u see all this. I personally love borderlands and I hate to see it killed by bad decisions froms devs extinguishing fires that were never lit and make new ones in places that we hadn't any before.
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